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Aftermath is a unique learning platform for math that combines parental controls with educational content in a gaming environment.
By using Aftermath your child learns, by doing relevant age-related math problems, and earns time on their favourite web sites.
It is their decision how much time to earn.


We started Aftermath in collaboration with Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, because we wanted to solve a problem. How can we help our kids attain math standards required for college entry in a world where they are so easily distracted and absorbed by Facebook and other online activities? How can we, as parents, provide them with tools that assist them in their academic endeavours? How can we incorporate math learning in a fun gaming environment?

Soon the idea grew.

What is Aftermath?

Aftermath is a software application that sits on home digital devices that are web enabled (currently Windows). Whenever a child attempts to access Facebook they are redirected to the Aftermath site where they earn their time on Facebook by correctly answering age-related math questions.

How it works in practice?

You register your child and download the application onto the home computer (currently Windows). The application sits quietly in the background monitoring website traffic. If your child attempts to access Facebook they are redirected to the Aftermath site where they can earn time by completing math questions. They can proceed to Facebook at any stage with the time credits and spend as much time as they have earned. Once their time credit is used up they are allowed the option of earning more time or continuing with general browsing. The Aftermath application does not interfere with other browsing experiences.

Math standards?

Take Aftermath Challenge for a Test Drive...

The math challenges that your child will be presented with on the Aftermath application have been correlated to International Standards. Questions have been specifically designed to challenge the competency level that 12-16 year old students are expected to achieve in state exams.

Aftermath's comprehensive research-driven content has been developed by qualified, experienced and practising math teachers in collaboration with Trinity College, Dublin.

The math has been developed for:
  • USA -- to Common Core Standards, covering math in grades 5 through 9. (Ages 12-16)
  • UK -- aligned to the 2010 National Curriculum
  • Ireland -- aligned to the 2012 Junior Certificate Syllabus and Project Math course
  • Australia -- aligned to the 2010 Australian Curriculum, providing comprehensive coverage of maths concepts and applications
  • New Zealand -- aligned to the 2009 New Zealand National Standards, providing comprehensive coverage of maths concepts and applications
  • Singapore -- aligned to the Singapore Math Syllabus

What if my child cannot solve some of the problems?

The math is currently configured to be presented in a random fashion. It is possible that your child may not yet have covered the math topic with his teacher. However, a wrong answer does not penalise, the next random question should be completable.

Parent Reports

You don't need us to tell you how great your kid is. You already know.
However, if you have registered your child and we are seeing no activity on the Aftermath game then it suggests that your child, as well as being a math genius is also a hacking expert. Or has migrated to another home device which does not have Aftermath installed. Or has managed to obtain your authorisation password and deactivated the Aftermath application. If that is the case, we will send you an email so you can investigate further.


First month free

1 month 4.99
3 month 8.99
Annual 19.99

That is less than 5c per day and is a family subscription applicable to all computers in the home. The application automatically updates new versions and fresh content.

"Great idea, well executed" ~ Claire Whyte, 3 girls, 1 boy.
"When will you have a version for under 12's? This is a great add-on to the parental controls I have already installed" ~ John Keegan, father of 3.
"If only it could also encourage bedroom cleaning." ~ Claire O'Reilly, mother of 3.
"I have been at the end of my tether with my teenage children and their Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. Thank you Aftermath for bringing some sanity back to our home" ~ Anne Devlin, mother of 3.
"Looking forward to the Mac version" ~ David Mccann, Chairman, Fyffes PLC.
"Well done on your product development" ~ Edward Williamson, Director of MathsFest Convention.
"I was a Facebook junkie in my teens. Wish my parents could have bought me Aftermath. I might have done better with my mathematics." ~ Eoin Devlin, Director Dog Day Media
"With 5 sons, we don't have the time in the day to monitor our kids online usage. Aftermath helps keep things balanced." ~ Emmet Kelly, father of 5, Director of Monitrack
"My son actually enjoys the math challenges on his way to Minecraft and now I don't feel so guilty about the amount of time he spends online" ~ Tara Murphy, mother of 2, Director of Solomon Fine Art.

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